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This guide will give you an introduction to improvement and advise you when and how you can improve the team you have to achieve a greater AP and DP.

What is best?

The best raises the level of his team.
The level of his team is represented as a number in front of him. Start at 0 and increase to 1 for the better. After +15 it is called Pri, Duo, Tri, Tet and Pen. If an improvement after Duo fails, it ends up at 1 level, what makes it better after Duo is very expensive and will require a lot of time.

Rather use the better part of the black liquor.
You can only improve once you have completed the “Despertar” mission, which you receive relatively early in the game. You need black stones to reach +15 and concentrated black stones to reach more than +15.

The bigger your list of mistakes, the greater the likelihood that it will succeed in a better way.
Normally weapons and armor can be upgraded to +5 or +7 without the possibility of errors. Then it is recommended to make piles of mistakes to increase the chances of their best. Receives 1 pile of errors every time they fail. Also, keep in mind that if you need a better Duo +, do not use piles of built-in bugs to get back. Save these piles of bugs and switch to another person and start improving yourself there. My piles of recommended bugs for each better can be found later.


Before you start improving yourself properly, you need to prepare certain things to enable effective and rapid improvements.
Many of these are at better price +. If you’re just looking for 0-15, you do not need most of these.

1 person at a low level with negative karma

You can see your Karma by clicking “P”.
If your karma is positive, then kill wild horses. No more friends, so it will increase your karma. When you have negative Karma, train the team that wants to break down (from +15 to +14) and let the Turbans kill you until you are out of category.

Different grades

Take as many different characters as possible so you can use them all to improve and build piles of failures.
You do not want to risk your high number of errors in your grades to improve low speed.

More +14 Reblath

The Reblath equipment (hood, helmet, shoes and gloves) can only be purchased from Velia Herrero.
You use this to build piles of bugs and this is the main team that will go from +15 to +14. Reblath weapons are very cheap, so you want to use them and can not be sold through the Community market.

Green +14 weapons

You would have some green weapons +14 to build piles of damage with your armor stones.
Buy some cheap, but also make sure there are many in the community market so you can easily regain durability.

Grunil Gear Pri +

Most players use Grunil Gear before getting a captain’s armor.
It is also very easy to sell them. Secure weapons can also be sold as easily as Krea and Rosar.

Black stones (armor and weapons)

Use this to improve and build waste piles.
The amount depends on what time you want to improve. Get more armor stones and weapon stones, now they are cheaper and more used. You can always switch Hunters Seal to black stones if you do not have enough. Buying them can result in expensive and costly. Concentrated black stones are also required if you want to improve beyond +15.

Fragments of memory

You will need memory chips to restore the durability of your rare equipment such as Liverto, Awakening and Boss Gear.
The amount also depends on how long you want to improve and whether you have Artisans Memory or not.


The durability of a weapon is very important.
The more you use a weapon, the more it will decrease the durability of that weapon. When a weapon’s durability reaches 0, it will do very little damage. You can pick up a weapon and regain the durability of the weapon so that it can be used again.

Without limitations, to improve, the maximum durability of a weapon will be reduced to 5 each time a better one fails.
This means that the maximum use of the weapon also disappears. If you do not take care of it, its durability will be very low and will not be able to be used for more than a few minutes. Therefore, you can not improve yolo especially in weapons where it is difficult and expensive to regain the maximum durability (fire, liver and captain’s team).

To regain maximum durability, turn to a men’s restroom and use the same equipment or piece of memory to restore it.
The same team will restore 10 maximum durability and a fragment of memory will regain 1 durability for fire and boss teams, and 2 durability for the liver. You can use a “craftsman memory” to change the maximum regained shelf life to 3.

Methods 0 to +15

Upgrading to +15 is much easier the less you get, wake-up or boss equipment.
For them, caution must be exercised because it can be expensive to regain the durability of them because you simply cannot use them.

Boss Gear System

  • 0 fs to +8
  • +9: 8 fs
  • +10: 11 fs
  • +11: 14 fs
  • +12: 17 fs
  • +13: 20 fs
  • +14: 23 fs
  • +15: 25 fs

For normal equipment (grunil, krea, rosar, etc.) follow the Boss Gear System – 5 fs.
It can be easily repaired so you can use it with 0 fs if you want.

For Liverto and Awakening follow the Boss Gear System – 2 fs.

Pretty price method

  • 0-15 fs: usa +14 Reblath
  • 15-18 fs: usa +14 green weapon
  • 18-25 fs: use Pri grunil
  • 25 – 32 fs: usa Pri Boss and Weapon Gear
  • 32 – 45 fs: use Duo Gear (normal equipment and boss)
  • 45 – 55 fs: use Tri Grunil
  • 55-100 fs: a Tri Boss and weapon equipment
  • 100+ fs: usa Tet


The accessories are very different from other equipment.
Prefers an accessory that uses 2 of them of the same type (yes, you can use an accessory for a price of +0). When an accessory is needed, both will be lost, so be very careful to improve the accessory. Only accessories can be improved 5 times (pri, duo, tri, tet, pen).

  • 15 fs Pri in blue
  • 20 fs Pri en raro
  • 28 fs Duo in blue
  • 35 fs Duo down
  • 35 fs Wood in blue
  • 50 fs and Tri raro
  • 50 fs in Tet blue
  • 65 fs and Tet raro
  • 70 fs in blue ribbon
  • 100 fs and Pen raro

Regardless of fs, it is very easy to fall, so be very careful about improving the accessory.
I advise you to only improve the accessories when you have the whole rest of your team in Tri +. You can also use crown stones to get the most out of your accessories. I advise you to only use them during special events like Lauren when the prices are very low or in the best Pri y Duo which is cheaper.

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