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Level 10 / Moon – Objects

Elements related to history

Basically, an alarm should be set up with a switch located on the column: then you can press a button to go up or down: after reaching the second floor, find the keys to enter the kitchen, which is located in a closet, activate a switch and then you can go to the agent’s office: when you arrive at your office, you can find an access card under the rubbish on the table, which I then place on the screen and open the door to the water pump station: Then go to the water pump station and turn on the switches, if you can not put them all green, try to put all the switches in the starting position, which is: Then you can change the handles in this order: 1 3 5 3 4 5:

After making the water pumps, save the room and go to the next plumbing, on the same floor, in the middle, then downstairs and you will find the tasting station where you have to put 3 ingredients in the right tanks and then hecho: after this you can go back to the door to the moonlight and then solve these rompecabezas: simply activate the switch so that it stays in the middle while pressing the button which says and appears on the screen when it is done you will see the light of the moon you can stop it and go: Note: there is a small area on the second floor where you can start with a complicated parkour, but everything you will find there. There are some tables, chairs and some rubbish: Elements 1, 2, 3, 4. – 1 Tripa yellow (rudder), 2 X blue (rudder) and 1 field of iron:

5. 1 tripe more yellow (yellow) outside the container, between the cement and the boxes: 6. Electric kitchen – Available in the kitchen: 7. Salvador negro – Found in the kitchen display case: 8. Slot machine that can be found outside the kitchen: 9. 3TPU chair, located inside the agent’s office: 10. Otro Iron arden in front of the agent’s office: 11, 12. – Death jet tank in the closet and a Kosmo suit in the middle: 13, 14. – Chair 3TPU and Portátil KJ30, in the VIP AREA Living room: 15, 16, 17. – Milky Ocean (flore), Whitehil table and The legalizer (plant) in the VIP AREA: 18. – Download Johnler – IN THE VIP AREA A BATHROOM: 19. – Green medicine (plant) – In the dormitory VIP AREA A:

20. – Hellstorm Trigger – At the water pump station on a shelf: 21. – Another download of Johnler in the VIP AREA B toilet: 22. – Guindong lamp in the VIP bedroom AREA B: 23, 24, 25. – Alpha eye (left), black sugar (table) and radiant light (lamp) in the VIP room AREA B: 26. – Tony bunny – can be pulled out on the 3rd floor, does not count as progress: 27. – Jessica – Can be dismissed on the third floor, does not count as progress: 28. Priest of Jayna – Found on the third floor, on a table: 29. Moonshine (mission element) found in the Moonshine section of the map, after which I have elaborated:

Level 10 / La Luna – Collectibles

You can get gold tp on the third floor, where there are already boxes set up in which you can jump and cross and get it: Skin off collectibles of wall: can be found in the container at the beginning of the level: Poster 1 – Agent’s office on the table: flooring – can be found in VIP AREA 1 in the living room: cartoon page no. 3 – can be found on the 3rd floor under a bank:

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