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Simply edit a text file and make your game look 350% better or better!

The Tweak

First of all, we will never get TRUE anti-aliasing (MSAA) in automation because of using a different rendering engine, this means that the AA in the game configuration and 3rd party solutions like ReShade only Post-Process Anti – Aliasing like SMAA or FXAA, who in reality aren’t good at erasing the boundaries accurately, just waters them down.

What are the jaggies?
These guys.

See the irregular lines/patterns of steps in the picture?
Look at his environment, you see it everywhere in his game, especially while building a car.

One thing we can do is scale down, or “supermuestreo”, which will render the game at a higher resolution than our monitor and reduce the image size.
There are third-party options like AMD VSR and Nvidia DSR, but I’m not lucky enough to run DSR with automation, and since Windows has some issues, it’s better to avoid them. Luckily for us, automation does have scaling built in! In addition to the graphics options, there is an option called “Resolution Scale”. The maximum value we can set here is 150%, which means 2880 × 1620 for 1080p. We want to go higher to fight the jaggies. The 200% is a good starting point, which would equate to 4k (3840×2160).

The trick to this is to edit your GameUserSettings.ini file.

It can be found in:

C: Users
AppData Local AutomationGame Saved Config WindowsNoEditor

Reem plazo
with his Windows username.

The line you are looking for is in the lower part of the section [ScalabilityGroups]change the value

sg.ResolutionQuality = 150,000,000

(maximum option of 150% in the game) on a higher value.
How high you can get with this depends entirely on the specifications of your computer. For example I use a GTX 1070 and I have no problems setting it in

sg.ResolutionQuality = 400,000,000

Once the change has taken place, save the file and run the game.
It’s important to note that if the configuration changes in-game, you’ll need to reopen the file and make the change immediately, so be careful with your fingers!

Enjoy the edition in your super soft design room now!

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