▷ Arcade Moonlander – Adventure Routes (Map and Guide)

Map showing trails and elements of an adventure style.


Most of the teleconferences are not parked (one way) and take you to another area without a quick way to return to the place where you telecommunicated.
Only two telecommunications carriers are fixed (two-way), which makes it possible to drive quickly back and forth between them. One is at the west end of the map and the other at the east end. The white line on the map above shows the route between the stationed telecommunications carriers from east and west.

A note on the dangers of gravity

The points of gravity are composed of a central white core surrounded by a transparent gravitational field (the circumference of which is represented by a gray circle).
When it is within the field of a level of gravity, its ship is not only supported up to the core, but also moves across the entire screen. To understand the rotation, imagine that the circular gravitational field is a clock ball with 12 points in the upper part when you are out of the field. Each time you enter or enter a character field, the screen will rotate in an amount equal to the number of characters found from zero (12 points), but in the opposite direction. So, for example, if it goes into the position of 3 at the point (90 degrees in the sense of the clocks from zero), the screen will rotate 90 degrees in the opposite direction of the clocks. If you enter the character field from zero character (12 o ‘ clocks) the screen does not turn on when you enter. However, it is much easier and safer to get backwards in and out of the gravitational fields to be able to start and avoid a shock.

Faster route

From its original position on the map, it travels to the western and western operated telecommunications.
Collect the fuel before flying carefully because the road is very narrow on the telecommunications transporter installed in the east. Once rescued, head west over the top and immediately descend the wide tunnel (this is where the green route ends). NO wasted time fetching the fuel tank here in the tank, you do not need it.

Follow the tunnel to the cave with the gravel hole and follow the western path to the end.

Route everything in one

If you want to try to do this in a single race without fail, I think it’s better to take the harder road first, that way if you fail, it’s to be expected to come from the beginning.
Therefore, the order I see it in is:

red road -> east station -> green road -> east station -> yellow road.
Alternatively, you can make the green path first and the red path the second, but the yellow path must be the last because it goes very close to the end of the level.

The clear brown area on the map is not used during this route.

Start walking west and down and through the first tunnel you encounter (there are two on the other side, then the one on the right) and follow the tunnel to the cave with the fuel tank and telecommunication platform.
Pick up the fuel tank and then land on the conveyor platform to start the red road.

Red path:

I find this, by many, the most difficult path due to the presence of dangers.
The road consists of three bedrooms. The first camera is packed with space shutters, so be careful and observe the weather. The only thing to keep in mind in this room is that it is worth the pen to collect the fuel tank here. It is not necessary to get this, but if you do, take the tank to the next room, which is a much larger and more difficult solution.

The second camera has stalactites that start to fall when it is close enough to them.
There are two options: try to fly fast to pass under them before they fall, or move slowly to activate them in sequence (i.e. fly after there are enough). The first race is obviously faster, but more risky, especially if you are looking for a clean career. If you did not get the fuel tank in the first chamber, pick it up from here.

The third bedroom is also filled with stalactites.
Once again, choose between a slower speed or a slower and safer option. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is worth taking the top road first to restore the fuel tank.

The teleconferencing platform at the end of the third camera marks the end of the red road and takes you to the big cave with the gravel hole in the middle of this map.
If you just want to finish the level, go to the lower western part of the cave and follow the tunnel (west) until the end.

Directions for telecommunications transport packed in the east:

When entering the cave, immediately go up through a straight tunnel, but just enough, to get out of the underground area (note: do not enter the gravity field, you do not need to pick up the fuel tank from the top chamber of the side chamber east of the cave ).
When you are out, head east. Walk past the large entrance to the tunnel that will be below you. This entrance is marked with a point on each side. When you go over this top (second), you will want to start slowing down and down because there is a very narrow tunnel just on the other side which is the road you want to take. I would like to travel very fast to navigate this channel safely. When the tunnel is overloaded and into the small cave, it lifts the fuel tank before landing on the platform of the conveyor. This platform takes you to the cave of the Western Empire’s teleconferencing platform. Follow the tunnel that flies up and east to get to the top of the floor, which is (more or less) behind where the level started.

Now you want to take the green path.
From the exit of the tunnel to the western installed telecommunications carrier, go east and pass the adjacent tunnel through the one that originally came down to reach the red road. The floor begins to fall so that it gradually descends into the depression, where there is a telecommunications platform marking the beginning of the green road (this is the first telecommunications transporter to reach this point on the floor from the western telecommunications).

Green truck:

this is the easiest route because there are no dangers and the cameras are docked and easy to navigate despite many turns at 90 degrees.
This road has four bedrooms, the first three have fuel tanks (the third has two fuel tanks).

This path is quite simple and there are only two important things.
First, from where you teleport to the first camera (beginning of the road), I lead up to the end of the hallway to collect the fuel tank. Second, only in the third compartment, pick up one of the available fuel tanks, not both. When the green road ends, you will be telegraphed to the main entrance to the tunnel leading to the large cave with the gravel hole on the east side of the map.

Return to telecommunications transport packed in the east:

It is possible to want or not to assemble the fuel tank found in the niche on the wall east of the entrance to the tunnel (keep in mind that when you return to the starting level, there is another fuel tank nearby).
Now I will return to this stationary telecommunications transport up and out of the ridge and direct it to this point just above the top. Access the stationary telecommunications carrier of this one, as it did after completing the red road. When you are back on the platform of the western telecommunications transporter, save the tunnel to find a new one where the level began. The last road you need to take is the yellow road.

Yellow road:

There are two telecommunications carriers that take you to the beginning of the yellow trail, and it is also easy to fly directly there (direction up and straight west).
Flying direct is almost certainly the fastest way. Of the two telecommunications carriers, the first is located in a meteor located just above and at this point where the level begins (there are two meteors near each other, this is below and west of the other and should be the first encuentre) . If desired, you can assemble a fuel tank located between these two meteors. Take into account that there is a gravitational field around each meteor. The other telecommunications carrier is much more agile and can be flown in the same direction as it was to drive onto the red road. but in the cave it continues forward to take the western tunnel to another cave where the teletransportador (brown area) is located. It is not recommended to take this last route, but using the first telecommunications carrier or flying directly should be fine.

There are three meteors with internal sniper tunnels that you must navigate to complete the yellow trail.
There is only one tank of fuel inside these meteors (the other) and it will collect as much as you go through the tunnel. There is another fuel tank in a depression on the outside of the third meteor, without embargo, you do not need it. The last telecommunications transport on the yellow path takes you to the end of the tunnel leading to the end of the level. When you appear in the tunnel, go west until you reach the rectangular space with the landing platform. Arriving here will complete the adventure mode!

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